A Backpackers Guide to being a Remote Team

Business Travel Insurance is Vital for Remote Employees

About Me

Hello from a far distant land!

I have had the good fortune to raise 2 wonderful kids who went to great schools and now have partners that they love very much. Covid made me realize that I don't have to sit in a dark room attending one Zoom Meeting after another in the same town I've lived in for years. I always dreamt of being able just get up and go. Then I realized, that there was nothing about my home that I would miss if I left. All the clothes and dishes and books could easily be donated. My incredibly high rent (you don't want to know) could not only pay for my flights, but pay for an amazing place to live in many amazing places all over the world! It took me several car loads to donate all my clothes and books and dishes. Going through my closets & garage, I couldn't believe all the unnecessary things I've accumulated and never used. It took me less time than I thought to cancel cable, electricity, garbage and water. I decided to become a Remote Employee. Which meant that I needed not just Remote Health, but other types of Remote Insurance: Dental, Vision, Life and Disability. Not to mention getting paid and saving money in my Pension.

When looking at flights, on Google.com/flights I realized that foreign travel had become ridiculously inexpensive. All I needed was a negative Covid test within 10 days of travel (in most places) and I could go practically anywhere. With all my stuff gone and my home empty, I made the decision (noticing how much airlines gouge you for baggage) that if it didn't fit in my 511 backpack, I wasn't taking it with me.

My first stop was Guatemala for the entire month of November 2020.