A Backpackers Guide to being a Remote Team

Business Travel Insurance is Vital for Remote Employees

For 38 Years, I've been working with Startups on their Insu

Are you an Insurtech or Fintech?

I have been really fortunate to work with some amazing companies to create Business Travel Insurance or develop an Insurance Company Partnership. Some of my clients include I have helped them get where they wanted to go. Either as an advisor or product innovator or connecting and negotiating insurance carrier relationships or create an MGA. I can probably -- at the very least -- guide you in the right direction or provide some helpful data points. Even though my office is no longer in one place, via Zoom or my Travel Blog I can help you achieve your goals and get your company or Business Travel Insurance product off the ground.

Do you need D&O, E&O, Cyber Insurance or Business Insurance?

Buying an Business Travel Insurance Program for your startup is a process that usually has zero transparency. You probably don't have a relationship with a trusted advisor or are suspicious of the options you see on the web. Let's face it, their agenda isn't to protect you. It's to get as much commission as they can while you are paying premiums that raise more than an eyebrow. I've helped many entrepreneurs with the process and know that it's as important to find good rates as it is to instill confidence that you have everything you need and won't have to worry about being sold a bill of goods. Later down the road, when you have layers of bureaucracy, those people will have their own relationships. But that doesn't mean I can't help you now or until that day arrives.